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Its a beautiful feeling to be on stage. The seemingly endless hours of practice, aching feet, coordinating footwork with the tabla, listening attentively and tunning in with all the musicians and not to forget a few butterflies in the stomach…somehow the mind forgets all the dissonance and an organic wholeness and a union with my dance is all that matters on stage. This stage transforms into a blank canvas for me to dance in my colours. As i dance to the vandana, i am invoking the gods in heaven, the earth under my feet and the vast endless space all around me.

I look at the audience, but i dont really see anyone. i visualize a beautiful, sublimely Ganesh and i surrender myself in prayer. My inner light guides me and is my most trustworthy compass on this mystical journey. I can hear my teacher singing the thumri, thaat and the todas.  From her i have learnt to dance only for myself. To dance like there is no tomorrow and today is a sacred precious gift, to be savored and lived with zest. The gentle swirl of my ghagara, my feet dancing to the intricate beats of the tabla and my very being starts unfolding to this divine music.. dance is indeed a meditation, with my guru guiding me to its very core. Have i become the dance or has the dance become me !!

The melodious tinkling of ankle bells..

a collective gasp…. sweet tears..

a prayer is answered…. yet again


Dance and Meditation

Dance is nothing but an intensive state of meditation.By nature, it is dynamic and engages in spontaneous self expression.Dance cultures the mind into a state of attentiveness and awareness, while the dynamic body form flows freely, unshackling the body from it’s past memories..



No garments of pretense

No cloak of judgement

They just seem to be discarded 

   in dance and meditation..

Watched only by those burdened 

    with ego and envy.

This is me, just me,

my real, authentic self.

Unafraid, untamed and joyous..

In dance I converse with the universe

In yoga the universe converses with me

“There is no need to be afraid of the world, my friend”

            says the cosmos…

For I am you and you are me…