Cherry Blossoms of Japan



As I have begun to delve deeper into the Japanese culture, I have fallen in love with it. Although my reach and study is called barely scratching the surface, I am nonetheless astounded by the timeless beauty of it all. What a profoundly advanced culture and philosophy! The more I am mindful about their sublime, enlightened,’man in consonance with nature’ philosophy, the more I feel both the west and east needs to imbibe and emulate it’s brilliance and luminosity.. It’s pure, ethereal, all inclusive, organic, futuristic. To take things as they are and to learn the art of being in the world, as impressed upon by Taoism. To recognise that the art of life lies in constant adjustment to our surroundings. Laotse, it’s founder postulates that only in vacuum lay the truly essential. One who could make of himself a vacuum into which others might freely enter, would become a master of all situations..
Hmm.. Now that’s a thought for all of us to meditate upon..


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