No Promises. Music by Carla Bruni


Recently, I stumbled across an album by CarlaBruni, ‘No Promises’. She has given music to soulful poetry written by various poets such as Yeats, Emily Dikinson, Christina Rossetti etc. Lovely rhythmic music set to a swinging guitar, one can get lost in the wistful, yearning words of the poetry and the breezy melody of the songs. Carla’s breathlessness and smokey voice lends the songs a sensual appeal. All the songs exude a peaceful mood laced sometimes with melancholy or with romanticism. Dickinson’s, ‘I felt my life with both hands’ is both beautiful and touching. ‘Afternoon’ by Dorothy Parker is heartfelt and melancholic. Carla sings in a sultry voice and deep emotion. A delightful album, innocent and naive, is ideal to listen with intimate friends or lounging in front of a homely fireplace…sigh..


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