Inspiring quote by Einstein

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift,
The rational mind is a faithful servant,
We have created a society that honours the servant
And has forgotten the gift…


Breath in yoga

At the Iyengar institute of yoga,Prashant sir always leaves an impression on our eager minds..This is what he said in one such class.
” Breath is the spouse of the mind. If this breath is in tune with the mind, then the asana’s performed have great potency and leads us towards the path of yog and not just yoga. To breathe deeply during asana’s is what a yogi must master with great practice. The fewer the asana’s one practices with correct breath, the closer we come to yog.”

Time travel

The weight of my ankle bells
Magically seems to disappear
The soreness in my wrist
seems to just fade away
I seem to become as light as a floating feather
When I hear the sound
Of my teacher’s voice..
Time stands still and ..
The ecstasy of dance is all that remains.

Dance and Meditation

Dance is nothing but an intensive state of meditation.By nature, it is dynamic and engages in spontaneous self expression.Dance cultures the mind into a state of attentiveness and awareness, while the dynamic body form flows freely, unshackling the body from it’s past memories..



No garments of pretense

No cloak of judgement

They just seem to be discarded 

   in dance and meditation..

Watched only by those burdened 

    with ego and envy.

This is me, just me,

my real, authentic self.

Unafraid, untamed and joyous..

In dance I converse with the universe

In yoga the universe converses with me

“There is no need to be afraid of the world, my friend”

            says the cosmos…

For I am you and you are me…

Cultivating Sensitivity

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As i watched the myriad colored lotus bloom every morning, i am drawn towards the miracle of nature. The bees buzzing around lotus as if courting her, drawn towards her by her delicious smell.

  The Kingfisher eyes the pond in secret anticipation. The effusive seven sisters arrive to bathe in the morning sun and chatter endlessly.Saffron colored dragonflies wander aimlessly as if to make their presence felt. In this enchanted morning, i dress myself and offer my prayers to Lord Vishnu in a Vandana..The protector of all creation… Continue reading